Thoughts on the Hidden Pub in Mount Seawatch

So I was travelling around Mount Seawatch when I stumbled upon something pretty nifty:

A “Hidden Pub” was located in the smaller of the hills in the area. Aside from a few bandits, chests, and some pretty cool glowing mushrooms, I didn’t find anything too important inside.

Personally, I think this is probably a place for bad reps to chill in the future, which means this might be one of the places where wandering/travelling merchants might spawn.

What are your thoughts on this?

Last time i was there a few dark wizard and bandit spawns, and yeah, personally the place is fitting for bad reps to get quest or buy stuff from travelling merchs

Excellent for vibing as a dark rep

I hope they add a tavern keeper so u can get quests here

I think having nifty hideouts like this is a lot better than having whole cities/towns dedicated to dark reps as some users are suggesting. I hope this is the purpose of the tavern.

I’ve been there a couple of times now, pretty neat place if you ask me.

Yea it’s really nice

Yep it’s got some nice vibes ngl

I like to go there if I’m afk for a few minutes, if I’m just chilling with friends or simply bored out of my mind.

Really nice place to relax, some people including me may even use it for guild purposes O_O

It would be cool if it had some function for negative rep people such as a place to shop, enchant, ect.

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yeah this is a good idea. Maybe make it a city?

Excellent place to meet up with friends and talk

That would be really neat if there was like a hidden door in a mountain or in the side of the map that led to an underground city for negative reps or something like that.

What I find funny is that my main/first file is a lvl 60 hero so I just sometimes go to the tavern and spam aoe attacks… its not the safest spot … maybe there should be guards on the outside of the tavern.