Thoughts on the Minotaur?

personally i think it’ll be a really good challenge since minibosses are too easy
what are your thoughts?

he’s bigd

he’s fast

I would have liked more varied moves but considering this is the first boss I am not really complaining. I think it’s a good first boss

I need his axe to live.

oh god the drops i didnt think about the drops

i fell he gonna be teamed by a entire guild

hes part vastus, meaning theres still vastus blood around

meaning potentially more big people aaaaa


i thought it was gonna be the actual minotaur in a maze…but…

yea the minotaur boss is cool. Big, fast, intimidating…now all we need is him in his Viking ship and if ships get implemented a pirate battle in the seas. Raiding, pillaging-

his axe better be named some type of name like big bertha

the fight seems great, the looks arent that good, the armor is forgettable

ya’ll ever wonder how a vastus dude got to fuck someone that wasn’t vastus

like bro he had to have a micro pp

Have you though about Vastus girl though? That might be more reasonable.

yea titties bigger than yo house

but if that were the case, how tf he managed to fuck her in that case if she like ion fucking know 10 times bigger like

I know a way how it could be possible, but I can’t explain it without breaking most of the forum rules.
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He’s an interesting boss. his model is basic but i’m glad he’s got unique skills.




the boss seems pretty cool/fun and all but the drops seem kinda poopy

they are only uniques compared to the other mobs. he just has an axe throw( spear throw basically), a spin (sword spin basically) and a rush, which is the knew part.

its still cool tho cuz he is rly fast and might have more skills idk about

Only thing missing is his spawn structure. I really hope Vetex doesn’t just make in