Thoughts On The Rival System?

I Like It, Its Real Similar To The Nemesis System From Shadow Or Mordor/War Too, Which Is Pretty Neat, Whats Your Thoughts?

its fun

Also Why Do You Speak Like This


Yes, I Too Like This System

I’m Pretty Interested In It, Can’t Wait To Go Against My Rival As We Progress Throughout The Game

I Got Screech As My Rival

It would be nice to have a recurring npc and beating them, I would prefer that they are difficult combatants tho.

I Already Answered In One Of Your Previous Topics

It’s a really cool feature, nothing like it has ever been seen on Roblox before. I just hope Warner Bros doesn’t descend from the heavens and smite Vetex into a quadrillion pieces since they’ve patented the Nemesis system.

Sounds Pretty Cool I Guess

jayden smith alt


Yes i like the system very much its unique