Time's Passion tiers

This will simply list the tiers in power during the story.

Tier zero: These are beings that simply cannot exist alone. They need an aura gifted to them by a divine being. There’s only one being that exists on this level. His name is pata

Tier 1: This is where only 1 dimensional beings can exist. They are infinite in length and nothing else meaning they simply can’t physically exist. Any type of width in the reality can destroy it. Meaning that reality can’t give them an accurate or representable existence. There is no known character in tier 1.

Tier 2: Beings who have width added to them. Because of that feature the beginning of physical existence is here. Known characters who exist on these levels are rubix man, baby meta, and gilgamesh in his weakest form.

Tier 3: The existence even we exist on. Here there is width, height, and depth. Normal human beings and other living things exist on these levels and can control the tiers below as they are fiction to them. There are way too many beings on this scale I can list. But some of the more powerful ones are Hades (Human form) Poseidon (Human form) and Verzache (Mental Breakdown)

Tier 4: This is where we get to the good stuff where shit really starts to go insane. At this point all 3 dimensions below are counted as fiction to them. A sandbox. Some of the beings that are on this level include: Hades (Human form using magic) and Timore (Miserable)

Skipping a few cuz laze

Tier ???: These are beings that surpass infinite itself. A presence that are nigh unstoppable. They have the ability to destroy not just multiverses but even omniverses. Some even are capable of removing realms entirely. The notable ones being Crimson (Slightly serious) Hodoru (Ecstatic) and Silver (FrostWolf)

Uber Tier: All concepts cease here and cosmology has lost their meaning. These beings are in a state of perfection. Meaning that even the weakest one has some degree of omnipotence hidden within them. Beings include Crimson The SpeedDemon, Koru Pre Divine Metamorphosis, and the most powerful of all of them, Timore pre ichor sun.

Tier ∞: Only few reach these tiers. The only ones who are at these levels are the gods, the devils, the God Wizards/Witches and Only 3 humans.
The only 3 human beings to have reached this tier is Karuto Post Ultimate Realization. Koru Post Divine Metamorphosis, and Tenpotinom.

Unknown: 6 beings are at this level before we reach omnipotence. Their names are. Oniku, God Koru, Equinox Karuto, Timore Post Ichor Sun, Hades, and Lady Destruction.

God: He’s omnipotent that’s all.

PataPata: Me

The gates: Do not fucking open this suggsverse level shitfest I beg of you.


Believe me. This is gonna be the most confusing story i’ve ever written.

which tier does goku land on

Depends on which one. Tier 3 extends from below atom level to above universal level.

I’d place goku on a high tier 3. He’s not getting past Verzache.

whos verzache

One of the archangels. Like each one she becomes fucked up.

She’s also the one who becomes the most powerful before becoming an actual archangel.

She’s also the daughter of timore

is she from a anime

No. She’s from time’s passion. Which is discontinued on the forums because it was gonna include things that would’ve gotten me ip banned and doxxed within the first minute of the FIRST CHAPTER releasing

wait you mean the wom forum?
the forum we are talking in?

mhm here’s one of them

also how would it have gotten you ip banned and prob even DOXXED

was it like extreme gore/pedophilia or something

That and fucking worse. I didn’t even want to include some of the lines I wanted the demons to say. I will say this though. Abaddon’s human form is black. So yeah some of his lines had to be removed for… VERRRY obvious reasons.

why not explain to me in dis


dis name?

Percy #3283 you tell me when you got it.