Timore's Pain:

Timore’s Pain is an unlabeled mutation of depression that can cause terrifying effects. Ranging from loss of feeling or care. To sometimes death.

Timore’s Pain can be obtained from feeling a type of pain nothing else can compare to. This can alter the body in multiple ways. Changing the tone of your voice. Effecting the emotions in your brain. And even changing your appearance.

When someone has completely caught timore’s pain. They will be devoid of emotion. Go blind. Go deaf. Lose any sense of pain or touch. And will even stop thinking. Their hair will go completely black as long as their eyes. They completely lose whatever sense they have left… This can go on for up to 1 week. Then they will die suddenly.

There’s no known cure or way to stop it from getting worse. So if you do happen to catch it. Gather your loved ones and family. And embrace whatever light is at the end of the hall.