Tips on how to hit airshots/predict movement better?

Title says it all, really. I’ve certainly improved a lot since AO came out (even if I’m nowhere near the top), but if there’s something that I still struggle with, it’s hitting airborne targets.
I usually don’t have a problem hitting things when they hit the ground, but when they’re in the air my shots miss 90% of the time. This is also part of why I prefer faster magics/styles over the slow ones as it not only feels easier to hit things but I don’t have to predict the opponent’s movements as much.
I really want to improve even further though, is there anything I could do for that? Would deliberately picking a slow magic over a fast one be a good idea if I want to improve this area of my skill level?

I do this to practice tracking for AO, keep going till you can hit 2500, low dpi mouses help

flick like a madman and hope you hit
in all seriousness if they’re casting an ability make sure your cursor is 100% on them before you attack. even if it’s too slow to actually hit them in time it’s good practice flicking and you’ll eventually get good enough to where you can flick quick enough
if you’re talking about hitting a moving target in the air, then flick like a madman and hope you hit

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