Toggle Weather Sounds

Currently, the sounds that come from the weather system are really annoying. The constant thunder and rain (which seems to never get quieter, no matter how far you are from it) is deafening, and starts to give me a headache after a couple of minutes.

“Oh, just mute sound effects or turn your volume off” isn’t exactly a good solution either. I want to hear other sounds, such as fighting and magic, just not the constant cracking of lightning and howling of tornados. Due to this, it would be lovely to have an option to mute the sounds coming from weather specifically, while keeping every other sound. This would make the experience much more enjoyable.

Or, if not mute entirely, could you at least give us another slider to change weather volume independently of the other sound effects? That would work just as well.

Very good idea.

Wouldnt this be in the ambience volume slider

The only two sliders there are in the Settings are Music Volume and SFX Volume. Obviously, Music wouldn’t help, and just disabling all sound effects isn’t exactly a very good solution - I want to hear everything except the weather.

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