Took some fat Ls in the past week

not just in ao…
whatever, i feel more determined to get my bounty goals now more than ever…

hope yall have a wonderful existence outside of this silly lego game

The biggest L you ever took was making a gay rainbow pfp

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i’m cishet myself but i have a lot of lgbtq friends, i think it’s just a nice gesture to them

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Common onion cream L

the gays have conquered the rainbow.

the sky is next.

we will not be stopped.


i’m starting to wonder what kind of friend you are…

Wanting good friends who aren’t delusional is pretty normal

we own the rainbow

everything the light touches belongs to us

your edgy 14 year old bisexual lighting profile picture protects you for now… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

rip beam lmao :skull:

My guy I’m not taking disrespect from somebody who Identifies as a “sentient slime wizard” LOOOL

the bisexual lighting takes its hold…

No pride shit

He fears our power

Pls donate demon feat to my acolyte


i wanna say mid but kinda deserved tbh…

imagine getting banned for homophobia during pride month


pretty sure last june 2 people were banned for homophobia too. bacon dude and alarm clock guy

wtf is this thread bro :skull: