Town spawn point unlock / Story Spawn Reset button

Town spawn point unlock / Story Spawn Reset button
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Town spawn point unlock / Story Spawn Reset button

Allow us to set a respawn point at a “town” island once we’ve completed the challenges there.

You could also add alternate methods of obtaining spawn privileges like doing a quest for the mayor or having it cost galleons instead.

Add a button in the quest menu that sets your respawn to the relevant story area. to counteract this, the “Story Spawn Set” button.

One could argue this could be abused to easily get back and forth to specific areas, but considering that the story has tightly spaced checkpoints that don’t change until you actually get to the areas it says, and the only way to abuse it is to “die” losing any cargo or treasure chests you have when the ship despawns. I feel its the lesser evil here.

That way players don’t end up lost, but we have atleast enough control over our spawn points to let us respawn on areas we wish to respawn to, to do more quests, or fight bosses nearby.

The tent system isnt enough due to it being restricted in towns and almost every relevant area one would want to respawn like boss areas, makes it frustrating to have to go all the way back, to do anything like grinding. especially considering the story leaves us close to the far back of the map, in a town where we are wanted criminals, where almost nothing is aside from the maligned king boss.


great idea! i feel this’d be a balanced solution to the problem, especially since it also incentivizes players to complete island challenges besides the badge you get for completing all of them

It might also work to set a cooldown to changing your spawn to a different island, so that the people who are done with the story can’t just spam change to move around quickly if they have nothing to lose. If you have story quests in the area, you can always override your spawn for that one though.

similar to @Robotstics inn system, but hey, double the suggestions, double the chances of acceptance

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