Toxic RKers and Whining Players VS Helpful RKers and the Improving PVPers



Perfect meme 10/10

Most of the forum is the top one

we’re apologetic rkers.

This is WoM community

I’m both :frcryin:

lmao helpful RKers

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All I know from this is that SunCry members are top left. Have not seen any RKers being helpful :fr:

You dont see many RK’ers who try to be constructive and fair, most of them are just silent and annoying as fok.

For those who do try to be constructive and fair, I have respect for them.

I don’t really find RKing THAT toxic (It is annoying) Its the gankers that are the worst

imagine not being able to defend yourself from 2 level 90 toxics, couldn’t be me

just fight back