[TRADE COMPLETED] Looking for a Hard Wizard Hat (Level 90 preferred, any color)

So yeah, I’m looking for a Hard Wizard Hat, again.

Preferably it should be Level 90, color does not matter since I am not using it visible.

I’m willing to offer anything I have. I currently have some items with good enchants and some Crowns to add to it. For more details, you can ask me, and if you need anything I’ll check if I have it and we could get to a deal.

You can message me through here or alternatively message me through Discord: #Safety Car#4590

EDIT: The trade is completed and I am no longer accepting offers.

Clarify what items please.

I have a red wizard hat but it’s not level 90
You fine with that?

Is it hard enchanted?

Main offer is Strong Strength Amulet and a Powerful Strength Amulet. Both Level 90. Although I do have more items though I’d need to re-check my inventory. Without working icons it’s way harder to do so.

powerful on strength amulet isn’t considered good tho

Got any boss drops?

Only a Level 90 Swift Vastira but I’m using it

None other pieces as of now, if no chance, i’ll have to get one and trade once I do

I was expecting a response of this kind, anyway. Strong is obviously better, you’re buffing the main stat even further.

il take the amulets if you still are trading for the hat

So, it’ll be a Strong Strength Amulet (Level 90) for the Hard Wizard Hat. Sure, I still am. When would you want to do it?

right now if you want


Seems fine to me. I don’t have much to do today. You should know my Discord, it’s in the post.

Trade completed. No more offers accepted. Please close the thread or let it close by itself.

I really need to start to specify which items I give

lol u ripped the guy off, strength amulet being bye byed

It’s still some time before it goes. You expect AO to release tomorrow?

Still ripped him off hard trollege

Don’t know if it’s a ripoff in value terms… but anyway, maybe they wanted one
Anyways I got what I wanted.

i messed up the editing while attempting to re-word that i’m an idiot