[Trade done] LF meta enchanted wizard gear (+ defense amulet)

For the love of god please I need this for my light file which I grind exiled on (and have 56 hours on), I have been too damn lazy to grind for them so give me the following, you give:

wizard hat
wizard pants
defense amulet (dull)

2 of them should be powerful 1 hard pls, what I will give will vary on how many pieces you give, if you can give them all I’ll gib a clean vastira, if some pieces I’ll give some mino armour or shit idk

IGN: The_elment
I’m in game right now if you wish to do the trade :flushed:

how are you that down bad

Stop using the phrase “down bad”

Ok look I was on a hiatus for a long ass time and I’m just now grinding again please just give me the gear I’m way too lazy to crown farm just to end up getting shit enchants on everything :pray:

down bad

and yeah thats a fair reason
i dont have any spare wizard gear sorry g

Alright ill do this.

56 is nothing compared to my 400 :skull:

56 is only one of my files in total I have 300 something

I have 430 on one file lmfao.

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