Trade list : (if its not to accept a trade dont talk here cause i wont even read)

What i have : minotaure helmet , chestplate , leggings (all lvl 80) / swift exilate sword (lvl 90) / bursting sunken helmet (lvl 90) /clean sunken chestplate (lvl 70) /clean sunken helmet (lvl 70) / maybe my death crown

What i want : powerful sunken helmet / powerfull exilate chestplate or leggings / strong oathkeeper (any lvl) / powerfull sunken chestplate

tell me what you have and what you are interested with in my list so i can do an offer where we both get win

please just please correct exilated into exiled

done and sorry about that xd

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I’m not exactly sure you fixed it

I already said you won’t get anything for it :nod:

and i reply that i dont look for specific item now cause i only put a list and what im looking at :nod:

yes but you’re not going to get anything for it and you’re not taking my advice and offering more :nod:

look at the sunken set before talking dont tell me sunken set worth nothing :nod:

yeah your offer still isn’t worth it lmao.

ok idc you are a clown overpricer for you 3 sunken stuff isnt worth exilated item or sword :nod:

oml @Nuclearman7 help this guy

I didnt say 3 sunken items were worth a exiled item.

calling staff for facts that i say ? bro ur cringe

Stop insulting each other, you’re quarreling about the value of virtual items on a dead lego game

He’s not staff LMAO. He’s a verified trader.

I’m not insulting him :fr: That’s all him.

ok i wont waste my time with overpricer

He’s a verified trader. He will literally say the same thing I’m saying bruh. Also I’m not overpricing anything.

and idc

Well if you want to get your items on the forums you should care. Cuz I know I’m right about this lol