⚠️trade offer⚠️

I receive: hard wizard set, hard dull power and defense amulet (you can just sell me 1 one of these not all together)
You receive: hard vastira, 2 mino boots, exiled boots, exiled chestplate, keen defense/power amulets

:fr: bruh
discord :nod:

The worst part is that there’s no discord username to dm :frcryin:

But yeah, this is the most steal worthy trade I’ve seen a while. Whoever would be trading with this person would have a galactic level of underpay

ok deal

I’ll take it :mariomug:

Whats yo @ on Discord?

i dont really need those items LOL im very geared up and i cba farming those items

Arius870 [.z-Ü]#7218

add me Arius870 [.z-Ü]#7218

my @ is Arius870 [.z-Ü]#7218

Arius870 [.z-Ü]#7218

Bro you don’t have to say the same discord 4 times
Just ping the people using @ and there name
Im pretty sure thats basically spamming.

didn’t know

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