Trading a clean sunken helmet, hard oathkeeper, Looking for good offers

Mainly looking for bad SS enchants

Idk who will take a hard oath unless they need it for collections usages also you need to add more if you want a hard ss

U need like 2 sunkens for a fair trade but id advise offering 3 for a hard ss

youre not going to get a sword with what you have mate

At least 3 cleans wdym

between 2-3 imo
3 is more on the overpay side

Yeah 2-3 depending on the set piece

3 may start getting u looks but 2 is fair

i disagree

i believe that a fair trade need at least 3

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I disagree

your weird

I dont thin u can talk with your 0 drip having ass


0 drip fake kobe, kobe had the drip you don’t

0 drip?

Boy i would make a whole tsunami if i came to you

Fake kobe?

Bih u better pray to god we dont run 1s in basketball

No way youre saying 3 clean sunken chests = a hard ss which has been confirmed to be useless in ao (again)

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