Trading a dense sunken staff for offers

trading my sunken staff for the best offer

mainly looking for 2 pieces of sunken warrior

just offer

discord is stevenorang

Would you take seasonals?

you have headless? :3

bro stop asking for a headless for a single sunken staff
if you had 20+ sunken staffs maybe i would consider it

that’s actually too overpay maybe for 3 headlesses

it’s worth about 20 sunken swords but not 20 sunken staffs there’s more headless in the game than sunken staffs at this stage

do you think i care? in prolly 3 weeks from now there will already be more sunken staffs than headlesses. Also just because there are less sunken staffs than headlesses in total atm doesnt mean that there are more headlesses being traded than sunken staffs. Youre simply wrong if you think 6 sunken staffs = a headless :skull:

you’re simply wrong if you think sunken staff = sunken sword in 3 weeks

it’ll probably be worth 5-10 depending on how good the abilities are

where did i say that? i said i would consider the trade if you offered 20+ sunken staffs. I wouldnt take 20 sunken swords for my headless

i was just telling you by it’s galleon value

i said it’s worth that much never said you would trade it for that much :skull:

idek why you are using the galleon value list when i clearly do not follow it :skull:

“do you think i care?”

ye exactly i do not care about your proposed value of 20 sunken swords = a headless

let’s leave this guy alone and just end the chat lol :skull: no harm meant to you

neither do I

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