Trading a headless and strong sunken sword

frezatel#0001, i’m mainly looking for SUNKENS, don’t offer stupid shit.

Wow, that’s a lot of good stuff for trade.

Unfortunately, besides my own headless, I don’t have anything close to this value. :frcryin:

Are you looking for any sunken pieces in particular?

Well, i’m either looking for a hard sunken chest and powerful legs or the other way around, but you would have to add from that according to which item you want.

Awh. So I can’t offer my eternal friendship?

No because i know matter what you will still give me ur friendship B)

If I put it in water, does it count as a sunken? :heart_eyes:

rusty can
thats the best i can do

old boot and 4 crowns

I actually have a Hard Sunken Chestplate, is it possible to trade that for your strong sunken sword?

no lol

hmmm i got clean sunken ill give swift oath too

I’ll say this for him. Not worth it

Also not worth it. Hard SC is worth a clean ss.

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