Trading a Keen Sunken Chestplate

I’ll be trading a Keen Sunken Chestplate for either 2 sunkens/Headless/non-hard sunken sword
forgot to mention dm me Xtrmist#4409

Cmon now…

Keen is considered a bad enchant for a sunken chest.
So no way will you recieve a headless, or a good enchant or clean sunken item.
Though, due to it being a chestplate, you may recieve some other bad enchant sunken armour pieces. Chestplates are valued higher than helmets and legs, you see.

ur only able to get 1 clean sunken legs or helm

Maybe even less lol.

You should read this, because you obviously need it @XtrmSword
Enchant Value List Below
The farther it is left, the more it is worth. The higher something is up on the list, the more it is worth.
Headless Head

Sunken Swords: Strong > Swift = or > Clean > Hard

Sunken Armor: Hard > Powerful > Bursting > Clean > any other enchant > Forceful

Oathkeeper: Strong > Clean > Swift > Hard

Exiled Armor Hard > Powerful > Forceful > Clean > any other enchant

Vastira: Strong > Hard > Clean > Swift

Minotaur Armor: Strong > Nimble > Hard > Powerful > Clean > any other enchant

Armor Values (this applies to all the sets)
Chestplate > Boots > Helmet

@Nuclearman7#9970 Helped make this C:

this is more or less my opinion when it comes to the sunken sword. Some people will say clean is worth more then swift but I disagree :nod:

Headless as most of us know, is worth a shit ton. It is equal value to clean or swift ss, but most people will expect overpay. Like a strong sunken sword or multiple clean or good enchant sunkens.

If you are thinking of trying to trade boss drops for sunken, and you don’t feel like ripping off poor noobs. I suggest you offer a strong oathkeeper plus a couple boss adds for a bad enchant sunken (Bad enchants are enchants that are worth less then clean).

As you can see, even a clean chestplate isn’t worth a headless head. Why would you think a keen one would be?

I do question how swift oath is better than clean

fuck you I keep forgetting to change that

u are skill issue

stop waaaa

im gonna do it anyways

You won’t get a sunken sword for it though…

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