Trading a Swift Level 90 Vestaria for an Unenchanted/Enchanted Level 80+ Oathkeeper

Underpay for any oathkeeper.

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Try not to put your first post in marketplace.

If you’re really into it, look around other more experienced trader’s shops like Boxman, Nuclear, and Drama, and see what trades they’re doing and are considered good. Then return here.


yay promote me more! also yeah they’re both right.

I see that WoJ also in your inventory. Maybe throw that in and you could get a buyer although no one really likes swift vastiras.

Swift > strong for vastira imo
Stamina usage of Mcrash drops from 50 to ~20 and that’s huge

i think you could get verified trader soon, just my opinion though

yeah can relate, i have a swift lvl 90 vast too, don’t know how much it compares to a normal one but it does indeed feel swift

Welcome to the forums!

First, reminder that making your first post in marketplace isn’t the brightest of ideas.

Second, according to what everyone says (and part my opinion) this is underpay. You may want to learn value a bit, then maybe send a ‘‘proper’’ trade. You can ask a trader about this though, this is not an area I’m specialized at.

Gonna tell you the same thing I told misinput, maybe I could’ve before I got suspended. But all verified traders have been regulars soooo. Got at least another month before that happens