Trading all haloween items for othkeeper

DM me on discord if ur untrested super_h00dedboy#1897

including the headless head?

no but u will get the headless head wen u get all the items

it will put it in ur invintory once u get all the items

The event ended so it does NOT work.

ill trade the head for the othkeeper and all the exiled armor

I will pass.

its a deal it if its only for the oath


join me in game

i have the same name as my discoed name

i cant join

oh nevermind

ill just find a server with you in it.

Just warp

the head is worth more than an oathkeeper and exiled set.

Don’t do this. If you really want an oath go boss grind and don’t waste halloween items to get a boss drop that’s gonna be deleted anyway.

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Replaced or Compensated in another way.*

all ready gave it away for othkeeper

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