Trading any Exiled's or Mino's drop your choice for Sunken. Looking for Sword

I will get you your desired piece from either The Exiled’s or Mino’s sets for any Sunken item/s. Primarily Sunken Sword. (Might take a while.)

I also got some drops both enchanted and clean. Message me on discord for offers or comments. Just talking works fine too c:


underpay. It takes like 10 boss drops for a sunken sword

I don’t think anyone here will accept boss drops for a sunken sword

I’ll sell my sunken sword for 500 boss drops

10 boss drops is the most vague term you could use
Theres 9 boss drops all with varying values and thats not even including enchants. 10 forceful mino hats wouldnt get you any ss but 10 strong oaths easily could (even tho nobody actually has 10 strong oaths as far as ik but its just an example)

He will have to specify what boss drops he has and what enchants he got on them and then we can decide if hes underpaying or not

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This is now the worst deal I have seen

way more then that

doesn’t drama?

with good enchants*

Lmao look at my old posts

Deal take my 500 clean mino helms :troll:

give me 20 strong oaths and ill give you a hard sunken sword

5 take it or leave it

Nope he has 6 or 7 iirc

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