Trading anything for minitours axe

(Discord name lol_dart) (roblox name abys_archive)

welcome to the forums
i moved this to #marketplace for you, thats where you should post your trading offers

speaking of trading offers, you should include what youre offering to have a higher chance of people wanting to trade with you. The average trader is too lazy to dm you themselves unless you offer well

Ngl that is one small axe
Who agrees?


lmfao this dude joined almost a year and a half ago and this is his first message.

bruh :skull:

full hard sunken set + 200 headless heads for my minotaur axe
what? you dont have it? maybe you should have put what you have in your trade :thinking:

you do realize we can’t message you unless the tag is complete right?

He’s lol_dart#1727
Man, like every forumer is on vetexgames discord

vetcord dwellers with below average iq shouldn’t have access to marketplace


uh, u offering? or…

nobody from vetcord should be on market place then

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