Trading Blasted Arcsphere USER:supersoldier94ii

trading blasted arcspheres, user: supersoldier947ii

Drowned Strong Water arcsphere for it


i add bunch of stuff i send ya, fortune enchant scroll and 1 golden apple

i may disconnect soon sorry guy that wanted to trade with me, we may have to trade tomorrow

drowned you can get anywhere from underwater chest, and blasted ONLY from keep think of it like that

i might offer sunken iron helmet

yo how did u get enough charts for that arcsphere or did u get lucky?

lucky, i got 0 on me now lol it’s not giving me it, i can look for one tomorrow, what were you offering?

idk if imma offer anything yet imma see if i can get one first if u still have it a week from now ill prolly check in on u. if i dont find one

kk i may have one then we’ll see lol

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