Trading Boss drops for regular Halloween seasonals

I have

Clean Exiled Helmet x1
Keen Exiled Helmet x1
Nimble Exiled Armor x2
Swift Exiled Armor x1
Clean Exiled Armor x1
Clean Exiled Leggins x4
Hard Exiled Leggins x1
Strong Exiled Leggins x1
Hard Oathkeeper x2
Clean WoJ x2
Sturdy Woj x1
Swift Vastira x2
Strong Vastira x2
Clean Minotaur Armor x6
Clean Minotaur Boots x7
Clean Minotaur Helm x9

my DC: -Hxllxw.#8418

I have the mummy wraps, the pumpkin, the skull hat, death crown, crow mask , crow and mini cauldron I will trade any of these for a Oathkeeper

Traded Swift Oathkeeper for Legs Wraps, Head Wraps, Crow.

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