Trading Bursting Sunken Chest level 90! Also if you offer a TON of seasonals I'll consider!

What would you guys offer for this? What would be a fair trade?

what are you looking for

Would a full set of clean or powerful sunken be good? Or a sunken sword?

bursting sc not worth a ss of any kind
bursting sc not worth a powerful or clean sunken set

you could nab a clean sunken boots and helmet, plus a few boss drops or seasonals but thats really it

what about a good enchant helm and the rest bad enchants? Or just a bad enchant set to begin with?

you wont get a powerful helm if thats what youre thinking. unless you add a bit more
a bad enchant sunken or some good enchant boss drops/some rando seasonals maybe idk

okay well do you have what you suggested I’d get for trading the bursting chest and maybe a bunch of seasonals?

maybe maybe not
depends if people actually want ur chestplate. although bursting is a good enchant, its not in high demand

Do you know anyone that would want a bursting chest?


Oh by the way MrNormalBox said bursting is dope, so HE might want this item I have.

Also do you want this item? Simply curious.


I can give you clean Sunkens for seasonals

no i dont

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