Trading Calvus and some other boss drops / Buying & selling scrolls / Selling necklaces / Buying arcsphere

What I have to offer:
Boss Drops
Swift Fallen King Cape (lvl100) SOLD
Swift Fallen King Armor (lvl100) SOLD
Swift Fallen King Armor (lvl110) SOLD
Clean Lion of Ravenna Helmet (lvl100) SOLD
Clean Scimitars of Storms (lvl80)

2 Amplified Scrolls
3 Sturdy Scrolls
1 Bursting Scroll

6000 Galleons

Looking for:
3 Strong Scrolls (EDIT: 2 needed)
1 Defense Scroll FOUND
Arcanium Arcsphere

Send an offer here or DM me on Discord: Talion#4015

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