Trading clean boss drops

looking for sunken sword, just name your price, i´ll give +2 boss items or 3 or4, just name price.

what items do you have? I have a strong sunken sword.

you have an oathkeeper?

1 boss item for piraiba pls

got a swift sunken sword if u have an oathkeeper

im missing some armor pieces, but i have the weapons and shield, what u need?

as in the exiled’s gear?

im missing boots

well gl I think I’ll keep my strong sunken for now

ok 10 characters

u got exiled sword?

yeah, 10 characters


u need 10 characters to send the msg XD

Yeah so what does that anything to do with exiled?

im confused

dude, nvm…

u have a clean sunken sword?

ill give crowns for a exiled sword

nah, im good