Trading Clean Minotaur Chestpiece for enchanted gear

I am trading a clean minotaur chestpiece for the following gear:

The entire wizard set with the powerful enchant (preferable black but any colour will do)

A powerful power amulet
A hard defense amulet
A magnetic fishingrod
A torch

My ign is AzkronTheGamer and my discord is Azkron#2869. If you wish to trade contact me ingame or on discord.

I know it is a bad trade for me but i already have many duplicate boss drops. This is for a different file.

Underpay imo, a full meta set plus a magnetic rod just for a clean mino chestpiece does not seem worth at all for me, if it were good enchant definitely or if you add 1 or 2 more pieces.


Overpay imo, a full meta set plus a magnetic rod just for a clean mino chestplate is a great deal, if it were good enchant or if you added 1 or 2 more pieces you’d be scamming yourself.

Full meta set (including amulets) > clean mino chest so its not an overpay. So hes underpaying actually.
Furthermore theres people who would gladly overpay with 1 boss drop per meta gear piece so why would anyone take this trade

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Do you need all these items or only one?

He wants all of the items and will pay a mino chest for the whole set.

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