Trading Clean Oathkeeper and strong oathkeeper

I will trade it for a bad enchanted sunken item

That’s not going to happen. If you want sunkens, you pay in sunkens. I’d suggest you start fishing.

oh thanks

Unless its a bad enchanted helmet

You’d still have to pay about triple what they’re offering, and even then I think I’d rather keep that helmet.

Not really

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can get a forceful helmet with one strong oath. can get a different bad enchant helmet with 2-3

Forceful is pure ass, literally an excuse of an enchant. Plus I was in the range for other helmets. Of course you wouldn’t get a chestplate or sword regardless.

No. Bad enchant sunkens (sometimes clean sunkens too) can be paid for with good boss weapons and vice versa.

I’ll offer swift sunken boots, but can you add more?

ok want a pumpkin fedora with it?

all event items except a headless arent worth anything. what scallion means by “add” is to add more good enchant boss drops


The only good enchant boss drop I have is the strong oath

get another good drop, or wait for scallion to respond


Yeh I’m not satisfied with just those two items. If you can get adds soon then feel free to notify me.

Wait scallion is it fine if I trade you a strong oath and a strong vast?

That + the clean oathkeeper and you’re almost there.

I have to trade clean oath for strong vast tho