Trading clean sunken chest for skeleton wizard hats

I am looking for colors I don’t already have, because I wanna finish my collection and I am desperate and lazy
These are the colors I need:
Red, yellow, lime, green, brown,

I can add clean oath if really needed
Discord: Oak#5385 or message me here

zamn a clean SC? I would take this in a heartbeat

im not home sob

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i can wait for you if you want

i think i might have purple or magenta

ok i actually have both but not any others that you need, i’m also looking for a red myself

if you want i can offer clean oath for both of those? i can wait tho if you are trying to get the others for the clean sc

I think I’ll hold for now (unless you really want them) and then I’ll trade more later if I can find some people with them

Alright sounds good I will keep waiting

I can do the trade for green, lime, brown, pink

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