Trading clean sunken helm

dm kae#9452 for offers i don’t really know what to look for

You’re not gonna get much trades/non here if you don’t include what you’re gonna trade away

Hes trading away a clean sunken helm like he says in the title?

And if you meant that hes not gonna get many trades if he doesnt include what he wants, sure thats correct but hes looking for offers so let him be

Messed up my grammar but oh well :skull:

Tf are you talking about im so confused
I didnt say anything about your grammar nor does it change anything. The entire purpose of what you said is wrong :skull:

I know
I’m on godly tripping my english rn :skull:

Screenshot 2022-09-20 8.31.26 AM

tried explaining the confusion here rq on the top message but kinda tripped it with

But alright


what is this comment section lol

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