Trading clean sunken sword and strong sunken boots

also have 1346 crowns, looking for minotaur axe or oathkeeper any enchant

i have a strong lvl 90 mino axe?

im interested although i dont have very good enchants

Which weapon?

i have swift mino and hard oath

I got clean oath + clean vastira (any literally any boss drop u can think of)

Strong Vast and adds for sunken sword dm reqiume#3662 to sort out the details

i have strong oath

see what u want from the shop, I’m pretty willing to buy them stuff :0

i got a swift oath keeper max lvl
ur interested ?

DM DoubleRun#3094 I’ll give you better than both of those offers

I can offer a strong oath and strong vast and two clean vasts along with a clean WoJ

Contact me at ClashMaster273#0887

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