Trading clean sunken sword (traded)

as stated above I am trading a clean sunken sword please be fair and offer below or Dm me at _πΏπ“Šπ’Έπ’Ύπ“π“π‘’#4612 on discord

5k crowns and a full, clean level 90 set of whatever I have - not including boss armors and sunken iron armor - (leggings, chest, and accessory), along with a clean level 90 amulet.

My armors: dark / light leather set, iron set, wizard set, mercenary set, warrior set, maid set, and hunting set (max level 80).

My amulets: all but defense (my defense amulets are already enchanted, if you want a defense amulet just tell me with what enchant)

Also if you want something else, just tell me. I’m sure I can work something out.
(Edit) If you want I can give you some boss drops with enchants, they aren’t desirable enchants though.

thats underpay my guy

They can ask for more :frowning:
I have spent much time fishing, got sunken gear and the sword, only to get bad enchants on them. I’m tired.

what enchant do you have one sunken sword?

I traded that a long time ago. I believe it got the hard enchant.

I will give you a sunken chestplate with a crisp one crown yesyes :nod:

it has been traded sorry

swift sunken sword

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