Trading clean vast for 2 full set of hard wizard build and 1 full powerful wizard build

The trade is what is says.
Discord: LeoTheAbsoluteLegend#6450

I don’t know man, this seems like a bad trade…vastiras arnt even that sought after, nor do I think they’re that high in value. I’d say the max you’re getting is most likely 1 hard set, but I think even that is unlikely. A better trader will most likely give you a better explanation. For now, expect no more than 1 hard set.

I know my values lol, I legit don’t think you could teach me values here. A vast is still a boss drop weapon. Wizard gear can be brought from merchants and there is crown code farming which makes enchanting really easy. And 1 hard set is not that much. This might be a bit underpay but you can always come into my dms and ask for more or something. Again I know my values :fr:

As Leo said this is fair maaaybe slight underpay, and he knows his values pretty well, you just see it as bad to you only since you probably don’t have that many sets, as he said yet again one lucky merchant and you’ll have tons of wizard gear, and that crown codes exist…

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I see, thanks for telling me, I’ll keep this in mind :+1:

no you don’t, you didn’t even know one heavy woj was = to clean oath

omg box stop bullying me… its like the 100th time you bullied me :frowning: whyyyyyyyyy

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