Trading clean Vastira for oathkeeper

Hi, I want to exchange my axe for oathkeeper
If you want the axe, I will send you my nickname, then we will make the exchange :smiley:
Oh and, my computer is weak, so… Yeah, it will take a while to make the switch, sorry o-o

My discord: EnzoVNQ#6620

Screenshot_31 :wink:

Welcome to the forums!

I moved your topic to #marketplace, because the #marketplace:shops catagory is for actual shops. Not single time trade offers like yours.

Values on the forums are very different than the ones in-game. Our values say that a Vastira is not worth an Oathkeeper. You will have to gather more boss drops for one, I’m afraid.

I also highly recommend adding your Discord username and tag to your post. So it’s easier to contact you. Because you will need mutual servers for people to contact you, I recommend joining the Vetex Games Official Discord. Pretty much everybody is there. So it is useful for people to contact you through there.


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