Trading Clean WoJ + Clean Vastira for a Green Mini Cauldron

Title says all, DM me discord Ézia#4153

Umm … what does that mean ?


Wdym ?

Is it a bad trade ?

it is quite a large amount for a singular seasonal

elment has some interesting ways of starting conversations

im just giving my thoughts, couldnt resist

It’s the last Cauldron I need and I’ve been looking for nearly 3 days


all power to you though

Don’t make offers out of sheer impulse though, if you keep overpaying you’re gonna lose a lot

I’m pretty sure each boss drop is worth at least a couple of seasonals (maybe 3-5, it could be more) since they’re cheap rn

But everyone wants overpays, no one want normal deal

That’s not true, you can try to find someone in game to trade with

Same story, they all think normal seasonals are super valuable and rare

Then educate them

They won’t believe me :frcryin:

Tell them to join the forums

The wording of educate reminds of a scam some guy tried to do for my Murcia items, he tried to trade them for crowns, then said that seasonal means they’re buyable at the start of each month.

He eventually devolved to hunting me down, had ro-searcher, and when I checked, had done this scam multiple times on other people.

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