Trading clear minotaur armor and halloween items for sunken armor parts or sunken sword

trading clear minotaur armor and halloween items (you choose which) for any sunken armor parts or sunken sword. discord is Guppy#8085


Welcome to the forums mate

Every day with this…

welcome to the forums

unfortunately boss drops come no where near sunkens in terms of value
but i see that youre offering some halloween seasonals, what kind of halloweens? headless?

i only have:
1 leg wrappings
1 powerful shoulder crow
4 pumpkin fedoras
2 shoulder crows
3 haunted skull chains
2 death crowns
1 grey mini cauldron
1 pink bats wing headband
3 head wrappings
1 swift pumpkin fedora
1 candy corn beanie
1 halloween bag
1 magenta mini cauldron
1 pink mini cauldron
and 1 keen head wrapping

oof, sadly all of those arent that valuable either since a lot of people have a huge amount of them

the only halloween seasonal thats actually valuable is a headless head

oh ok thanks

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Welcome to the community. Never have your first post in the marketplace. I made that mistake. First introduce yourself to the community in #off-topic. Get a better feel for the community, read marketplace posts to correctly learn your values. But here lemme do this

Boss Drop For Boss Drop
Sunken For Sunken
Headless For Sunken
Other halloween seasonals for wizard items
American items for wizard or sometimes boss drops.

those seasonals for commons are pretty misleading…

yea exception for headless head fr fr

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