Trading event items

Trading event items for oath keeper

It will probably be quite hard to find someone who will be willing to do this. Event items aren’t worth too much (the only exception is the Headless Head.)
I tell this analogy to everybody who trades event items, think of them like table salt. They’re bad on their own but with a larger dish, they make it taste better.
Basically don’t trade event items by themselves, because nobody will take them. Add them to a larger trade to juice up a trade instead.


What misinput said ^

Unless you have a headless this trade is very unlikely to happen

If you do have a headless tho then be sure to hit me up at Nuclearman7#9970 or just answer me here.

no i dibs the headless i helped this person with a food analogy :fr:

grrrr :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You’d have to offer around 200 halloween drops in my opinion to make it worth it

that was a great way to word it. good job

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