Trading for eater seasonals

I got 1 sunken armor set minus plus 1 sunken chest and 8 halloween seasonals. Also got some boss drops and a bunch of random scrolls. I’m mainly looking for the valkyrie helms and egg lanterns.

Bro I can give you what you ask for and all the easter eggs as an extra bonus what I want is the sunken armor set if possible

Sorry, can’t do that. I got more than that with 1 sunken helm before.

Hmm. . . And if I add weapons that drop bssses? I have the bow and spears of nobleman, spear and ax of argos and 2 vindicators. . . how much could you give me?
p.s: I add accessories like carina’s apostle ravenna with strong enchantment, her clean bracelet without enchantments and the armor king fallen, I ask for at least the breastplate and pants

Nty, I’m good. I don’t value boss drops/rare items anywhere near sunkens.

okay thanks

Yea, thanks for tryna trade. Gl with getting good trades.


I can give them to you

Alr, what do u want for the easter seasonals?

is this underpay or not?

1 sunken chestplate for easter valkryie and lanterns

Nty, I’m good. I got much more than that with 1 sunken helm, and someone even said that was a scam for me.

Phew, the value isnt screwed up

Haha, it is a bit screwed up nonetheless. Thanks for offering.

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