Trading for headless

Trading a powerful sunken helmet, swift sunken boots, swift sunken helmet, strong oathkeeper, and a swift vastira for it

I know this is wierd but I don’t want a headless. i want those swift boots for an experiment though. So would you be down to trade those swift sunken boots for my keen sunken boots + two mino pieces?

shitass trade

I mean it’s better than some trades though, right?
I bet you get shitass trades a lot. People offering 5k crowns for a Headless/Sunken. At least they tried with a Powerful Sunken Helmet.

He literally comments this under every marketplace post :frcryin:

either I call them shitass; or acceptable.

This reminds of a certain box guy that comments underpay


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Lmao that cost quite a bit but eh

I mean I have a 2nd one but yeah good trade

Could i trade for the other one and can it be cheaper pls

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