Trading for headless

Giving hard sunken chest, and two nimble sunken legs :sunglasses:

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I’ll give mountain dew

no :sunglasses:

u gonna have to give a tad more for someone to give a headless mate

i’ll give hard sunken set for headless (trade stolen grindset alpha)


no, decent offer

People are going to be really reluctant to give you a headless, because most people only have one, and they’re insanely rare. Also, most people want an enchantment that increases power or defense. Sorry, but you might not find someone who’s willing to do this trade.

i dont think most people finna trade headless until AO comes

they know, they’re not a random

Incase you didn’t actually read my post, when you say “most people want enchants that give more defense or power.” What do you think the hard enchant does? Lmao

The offer is really nice, it’s basically equal in value + the boots as a bonus. I don’t even know why I’m here well good trade hope you get to yoink a Headless idefk

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Value wise, but demand wise this isn’t exactly the best trade, plus I think some of the enchants are getting reset I forgot so, nah don’t take this, keep ur headless if u have one

Obviously from a future standpoint the trade is trash, but still right now it’s good

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Imagine sabotaging trades bro

Honestly I disagree, if he added a clean sunken boot instead of nimble I would take it if i wasn’t just collecting now

If i replace the nimbles witha bursting would u take :eyes:

I would definitely take it. But I probably won’t have my computer for another week. Plus I’ll be selling a headless for 3 sunken swords pretty soon anyway. I’ve got no reason to take it

yo what in the world :skull:

Only strong on armor so this doesnt affect the the trade