Trading for Oathkeepers

Looking for 1-2 Oathkeepers other than those with a hard enchant. Offering halloween seasonal items. I also have a full set of clean mino armor. DM DragoniXV#3851 for negotiations, screenshots, and more details.

(Very) Rough idea of what I’m willing to trade. You can choose the seasonals I have.
Clean: 10~ Halloween Seasonals
Strong: 15~ Halloween Seasonals
Swift: 15~ Halloween Seasonals
I can also throw in a some crowns, clean mino armor, a hard Vastira, and i dunno, some fish bait?

*This is a repost and update since edits don’t reflect in Discord. In case there are people who only look on Discord.

just to let you know, nobody is really looking for seasonals or likely to give boss drops for them

y do you want Swift oathkeepers lol

I thought they were good?

Or was that old info?

that’s debatable

(that means everybody else please dont start a war arguing if swift or strong is better :yawning_face:)

Huh. Ok then, time to adjust the prices.



they was never good, it devalues oathkeeper


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