Trading for Sunken Sword [10 items of your choice]

Like it says, I’m trading all items for strong or clean sunken sword. Will go up to 10 itemsPage 1
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What is really the only stuff in your inventory that is valuable is any boss drops/sunkens.

Therefore, this is underpay, sunken helmet is amazing and all but sunken swords are quite valuable. Usually requiring a couple clean sunkens.

Give me everything for a rusty can


do you have a headless head?

You don’t have enough items. Or rare enough items to buy one. aka underpay.

you have a ton of normak stuff but only thing worth value is sunken and boss drops which you dont have enough of.


even if all of those… were put with their absolute best enchant… you’d be lucky to get a HARD sunken

i got a spare clean level 90 sunken that i’d be willing to trade for the wall a swift oathkeeper, a strong dull power amulet, and the minotaur boots and chestpiece my roblox user is SilentStriker115 and my discord is K.G.B Agent#8696 (and to all the other traders who will tell me im getting underpaid this is a spare one that i feel like trading away for items i want and am too lazy to farm for)

i can give you the same things over here except its a strong oath and a heavy WOJ but dont have the strong dull power amulet except its a powerful one so ye if he doesnt respond i can trade you my items instead.

strong and sturdy is ideal for my playstyle so i’ll take your offer

alright il join your server

Are u still here

i took the trade drama like 27 minutes ago

how dare you :hungry:

if it makes you feel any better i got swift :frcryin:

swift is best one for pvp :frcryin:

true :nod:

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