Trading for sunken sword of any kind

Surely someone will take up this deal 100 rusty cans and 71 old boots.

this guy tried to lowball my 3 sunken chests in a public server, man no wonder you have -5300% contribution

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you say this as if private servers exist

im saying it as in where he tried to lowball me

yes, public servers are the only servers that exist, there are no private servers

ok but what does that have to do with this?

you’re the one who said it in your original reply…

I said public server as in NOT IN DISCORD/HERE

man why the hell are you even arguing about this

such an odd way to just say in-game but i guess i get what you mean now

not everyone says the same things ok

i farmed him before he knew what good hiding places to fish were


I’m lucky to have been farmed by Misinput only 1 time

i was chased by her and 2 other people for like 20 minutes lmao
only died twice tho :sunglasses:

That was probably myself and flare honestly

Lol onestly I send trades like that to people who look like they don’t have much hours or just in general if they do t know values.

Yea I suck at pvp espixally being plasma

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