Trading for the most worthless (crap) imaginable

Trading crowns, cosmetic items, wizard items/dull amulets, maybe even bad enchant boss drops, for worthless garbage. I’m trying to get one of every item that would be useful in ao with the best enchant and every level from 10-90. Everything I’m looking for has to be clean or hard (also powerful if its a power item only)

What I’m looking for:

Poor Power Amulets
Poor Defense Amulets
Hunting Armor/Boots (only level 20-40 on these btw)
The weird low level wizard hat but only the one that gives power not strength
Tricorn/Pirate Captain Hats
Old Daggers
Old Swords
Old Spears
Branch Bows
Wooden Clubs (If hard enchant)

My discord: Camreeyan#3935

fixed the title


i have a clean brach bow

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