Trading Full Clean Sunken Set

Full level 90 clean sunken set.
Looking for: Headless, Strong Sunken sword, Clean sunken sword + other additions.

I feel like this is underpay all of those.

dude, are u serious bro. Omfg

i really gotta restart my post because u wanna fuck up my chance at profit



idc, stop spamming

are you asking for all of these?

Each comma represents a trade he would be happy with for his offer.

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what scalli said

it just seems like you’re asking for all of those thats all

could happen if you add more clean sunkens

add more good enchant sunkens

a full clean sunken set is worth a clean ss. dont ask for adds. tbh, you should be adding to it

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I’m asking for an overpay on purpose, i’m not trying to get a fair trade. I want profit. Jesus i can’t even trade on the forums without ppl yapping about me tryna make some profit.

im sorry that im giving you advice? dont be rude

if you make a topic, you are looking for those items. YOU are the one that needs to overpay.
How do I gain profit?

  • scam kids ingame / farm for drops
  • pick up trades where people are looking for an item. i traded a hard sunken chest earlier for a strong ss. the guy was looking for that chest.

thats how you make profit here. or do what i did and make a forum store.


mb i was a lil rude. I don’t have enough items to make a shop yet. Just trying my chances since a lot of ppl on the forums are retarded

True, but tbh those people don’t usually visit the marketplace except to make a shitty offer for an oathkeeper.

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a lot of the people who arent knowledgeable are forum randoms. dont try with people who actually know what theyre doing

honestly if you want to “try your chances”, youre better off scamming little timmy ingame

there aren’t any more ppl who have rare items and aren’t knowledgeable

or just snipe trades here on the forums. dont try and make shit offers here, most of us try and shut them down

alr alr

Yeah look for people who have an older generation to try your luck getting a headless, or people with lots of catches for a sunken.

But I suggest messaging them first and try to manipulate them so they don’t know the real value.

scammer knowledge 101

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