Trading halloween items for other items

mainly looking for swift magic speed amulet [dull]

first, you send me the item in a trade, then I will accept the trade.

the way this works I will sell the item u want in a merchant shop by selling that item and tell u to join me, then I will give u a team invite and u will come to where I am. to make sure no one tries to steal it, I can protect u from strangers who might steal it.
if you think I might scam, record, this is my main account.

4x haunted skull chain
4x pumpkin fedora
4x shoulder crow
3x head wrappings
2x death crown
2x white mini cauldron
1x green bat wings headband
1x cobalt bat wings headband
1x grey dark omen mask
1x lime dark omen mask
1x grey hallowed II
1x purple hallowed II
1x brown hallowed II
2x leg wrappings
1x red mini cauldron
1x brown mini cauldron
1x green mini cauldron
1x cobalt mini cauldron
1x powerful pumpkin fedora
1x keen shoulder crow

Kingsley Cutlass

if it doesn’t work, try pinging me in general and then dm me.

forgot to write tag

if it doesn’t work, try pinging me in general and then dm me.

Just wait until the halloween event is over… can’t be that hard

still looking ?
i dmd you

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