Trading Halloween items for sunken or oathkeeper

I have plenty of event items rn so I wouldn’t mind trading one for a sunken and vastira tbh.

Roblox: ChronosZel
Discord: ChronosZel#3710

Unless you’re giving Headless Head, I doubt most people would accept

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Rip :frcryin:

Give tons of american items and I give clean vastira :mariomug: sunken not worth not, not at all yes grammar no

Only got Halloween sadly

how many?

Hold on lemme load up and screenshot it

Small moment to tell that your current equipment needs improvements

fr fr

Both white omens the crow thing and 10 pumpkin hats. :nod:

Yeah I’m aware

I’m assuming it ain’t worth trading

halloween items aren’t worth that much so it’s a pretty fair trade. :mariomug:

So we’re do u wanna meet? Also how many items?

I’m in a server right now. I just want 2 white omen masks, the crow thingy and 10 pumpkin hats, scratch that I want 5

K thx

MrNormalBox join my server

Joining rn u just need to change it settings or accept my friend request so I can join

It took me about 349 halloween items (Not including headless) to get a strong sunken chestplate.