Trading Halloween Items

not trading Headless


every seasonal except headless has dogshit value lol

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how about giving the so called dogshit seasonals to me @Drama

Gl getting anything good here mate, those seaskbals ain’t worth much

I’ll give you an old boot for them

how about no because I have no inclination to. Besides, I never mentioned they have no value

Ill give you like 2 old boots for that red square :passport_control:

max crowns for red omen

whats behind the red square i think its headless

Ok then give me all of your seasonals

who are you

im looking to collect a couple of colour variations so just let me know what you want

Don’t ask me who the hell I am that doesn’t even matter give me your seasonals

I don’t give free shit to strangers bro

give me free shit bro

then QUIT YOUR BITCHING!!! give tghe shit or quit crying…kid

You don’t give free shit to anyone, drama…

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