Trading hard sunken helm 😳

Looking for a few American seasonals yes, don’t know how many I can get so highest offer ezpz, offering hard sunken helm


note: american seasonals got duped hard | not worth this

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refrain from scamming yourself.

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I can trade 1 set of america items and give an additional 1000 crowns

i can even add more stuff

my opinion on american seasonal price: they’re worth similar to a powerful wizard gear lol

why? despite most players having only a small amount / no american seasonals | some lads decided to dupe it to the extreme (like thousands of them)

just treat the american seasonals as a form of vanity with a slightly lower price than halloween seasonals (blame duping lol)

I thought the duped items were deleted

vetex can’t do anything inventory-related | besides it’s not like he’s gonna catch every single one

Bruh but they are exulisive u can never get them now unless ou trade so in a year or two the will be worth robux

you have no idea of the scope that these were duped

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